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  I've ripped many of my music CD's so I can have constant music playing at home. The question then is what compression codec to use. Initially I used MP3 but am leaning more and more to Vorbis Ogg since it file size for a comparible quality is smaller.

I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) version 0.95 prebeta 5 from 8 March 2004 to rip my music CD's. In conjuction with EAC I've used LAME to compress to MP3 and OggEnc to compress to Vorbis Ogg.

After taking various music CD's and ripping them and then compressing at various qualities I've come up with the following setting I use in EAC:

  • mp3's (quality = 7)
    • Use file extension: .mp3
    • Program path: .......\lame397a3\lame.exe
    • Additional cmd line options: -V 7 --vbr-new --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2 --ta "%a" --tt "%t" --tg "%m" --tl "%g" --ty "%y" --tn "%n" %s %d
  • ogg's (quality = 2)
    • Use file extension: .ogg
    • Program path: ........\oggenc2.exe
    • Additional cmd line options: --quality=2 --artist "%a" --title "%t" --comment "genre=%m" --comment="transcoded=EAC->oggenc2" --album "%g" --date "%y" --tracknum "%n" -o %d %s

mp3 thoughts:

  • I've noticed that using a later version of LAME than v397a3 will affect the resulting size of produced mp3s. I've no idea if a different LAME quality would be needed to produce the same quality = 7 in v397a3.

ogg thoughts:

  • After listening to numerous different types of music (classical, voice, and jazz) I chose to use an ogg quailty = 2. Much of the music I listened to could have been compressed at quaility = 0 while others at quality = 1.

Obviously your mileage will vary.

-- TaitCyrus - 17 Aug 2006