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This is a picture of me I am 63 years old, single and have never been married. I have lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the past 33 years (since November 1990). I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I received both my BS and MS degrees in Computer Engineering at the University of New Mexico.

One of the biggest things in my life is my becoming a Christian in the fall of 1995 (28 years ago). A full description of how I became a Christian can be found here.

Some of the things that I really enjoy doing and that occupy my time are:

  • Ballroom Dancing

    I've been dancing 36 years (since 1988). I started out with Scandinavian dancing and then got into ballroom dancing. For 3 years I taught beginning ballroom dancing once a month to those interested from my singles group at church and most recently have been helping out an instructor as she is teaching beginning ballroom dance lessons. Some of the ballroom dances I do as well as teach are:
    • Fox Trot
    • Waltz
    • Rumba
    • Cha-Cha
    • East coast swing
    • West coast swing
    • Tango

  • Photography

    Although I've been interested in photography for many years, it wasn't until 1990 that I got into photography in a big way when my sister asked me to photograph her wedding and I used that as the excuse I needed to buy a new camera (Nikon 8008). I took a lot of pictures with that camera. Then in 2003 I purchase my first digital camera (Nikon D100) and have not used film since. So I've taken a LOT of pictures since 1990. Some of my favorite subjects are:

    Lightning Fireworks Sunsets Underwater
    Beach Aspen Trees Hot air Balloons Weddings
    Auroras (Northern Lights)2001/03/30
    1998 Israel / Greece 2000 Israel 2002 South Africa/Mozambique church mission trip

  • Snow skiing

    I started skiing at age 5. Growing up in New Mexico I learned to ski at Sandia Peak which is just outside of Albuquerque. I cut my teeth at Taos which is were I learned to ski the double black diamonds  . At age 15 I joined the National Ski Patrol at Sandia Peak and was on the patrol for 15 years (until I moved to Colorado Springs). While skiing at Arapaho Basin in 1991 I fell and blew my ACL out in my left knee. That has somewhat limited my skiing since then to the blue runs  . But after 33 years of skiing I was ready for something that was a little easier on my knees.

  • Scuba diving

    I started scuba diving back in 1989 when there was a family reunion in Bonaire. Since then I've been back to Bonaire once and have been diving 13 times in the Bahamas, the most recent being July 2011. Eventually I hope to have some pictures here.

  • Reading

    I really enjoy reading. I prefer mysteries, though I read a lot of other types of books too. Some of my favorite authors and books are shown below.

    Tom Clancy
    The Hunt for the Red October
    Lilian Jackson Braun
    The 'cat' books
    Diane Mott Davidson
    The 'cook' books
    Emily Brightwell
    Mrs. Jeffries books
    Dorothy Gilman
    Mrs. Pollifax books
    Frank Peretti
    This Present Darkness
    Tim LaHaye/Jerry Jenkins
    The Left Behind series
    Dale Brown
    Flight of the Old Dog
    Robert Ludlum Sue Grafton
    The alphabet books
    Dick Francis
    The 'horse' books

  • Bike riding

    I bought my first bike about 35 years ago. It was a street bike and in 1989 I participated in the "Tour de Taos" which was a bike ride to raise money for MS. The ride was from Albuquerque, NM to Taos, NM (2 days). When I moved to Colorado Springs I purchased a mountain bike. There are many trails on which to ride, though I don't ride nearly enough.

  • Sailing

    I started sailing 39 years ago in 1985 when I went on a bare boat trip in the Florida Keys. Since then I've sailed 3 times in the British Virgin Islands and once in the Grenadines. Sadly, I've not been sailing in about 15 years (scuba diving took sailings place).