Woodmen Valley Chapel
Holy Land Tour

Shalom and welcome...

Many of you expressed an interest in obtaining copies of some of the pictures that I (Tait Cyrus) took on the Woodmen Valley Chapel 1998 Holy Land Tour. Since my pictures were all slides, making copies would have been difficult and costly, so instead I digitized them and placed them here in the web pages before you so you can print those pictures you want.

Since there were parts of the trip that I wasn't able to take pictures of, the Jordan River baptisms for example since I was in the group being baptized and obviously wasn't taking pictures, Christy Vermeer was kind enough to allow me to include some of her pictures on this CDROM to fill in the gaps.

An attempt was made to break the pictures into various categories (shown below). Various styles are available for viewing the pictures. You can view the pictures either in a photo album format as thumbnails (small versions of the pictures) or in a slide show format (medium size pictures). In the photo album (thumbnail) format, you can either click on the picture (thumbnail) or the word 'medium' to see a medium sized version of the picture. To see a large (full sized) version of the image, click on the word 'large'. I hope this will be more clear as you navigate between the various web pages.


Sorted by location

CDROM contents
This CDROM contains various folders which you may be interested in (especially if you plan to print any of the pictures). Not all folders are listed here, just those you might be interested in.
FolderFolder description
LARGEContains all of the large format images (approximately 3800x2550)
MEDIUMContains all of the medium format images (approximately 650x430)
TNContains all of the small (thumbnail) format images (approximately 110x75)
The large images are VERY large and are only provided in case you want to print a particular image. Depending on how much memory your computer has, viewing a large image may lock up your computer (it having run out of memory) so proceed at your own risk when viewing the large images.
Slide Show
Slide shows are available for each group. When in a slide show, you can go to the next slide, back to the previous slide or, by clicking your browsers back button, you can go back to the previous page. In the slide show, the name of the file is shown (in case you want to print a picture you will have the file name) as well as a count of the total number of pictures in the slide show and which picture from that total you are currently looking at. For the curious among you, my pictures all have names of the form ##_##.jpg while Christy's pictures all have names of the form c_###.jpg.
To print images, you can either print directly from your web browser, or you can use any picture/image viewer program already installed on your system (first getting the images filename from the browser).

If you want to print a picture from one of the slide shows, it is recommended that you first click on the picture before selecting File->Print just to make sure your browser knows what you want to print.