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The Covenant for the Face-To-Face Accountability and Recreation Fellowship

Original by

Gary J. Oliver, Ph.D.

Handed out at the 2000 Woodmen Valley Chapel Men's Retreat

plus updates by
WVC Black Forest TLC Mens Accountability group

Last update: December 19, 2000

  1. Prayer

  2. His Purpose For Us

    We are gathered in the name of Jesus and He is in our midst. Before God and each other we have made a commitment to faithfully gather together with these purposes in mind:

    1. to deepen our character as disciples of Jesus Christ and
    2. to strengthen each other as men of integrity

    Through mutual affirmation and meaningful accountability, our aim is to challenge and inspire one another to faithfulness, love and good works.

    We commit to be completely honest with one another, to speak the truth in love, allowing iron to sharpen iron, and to maintain the covenant of confidentiality.

    May God's Holy Spirit bless us, and may we find comfort, safety, fellowship and encouragement during our time together.

  3. The Nine Accountability Questions

    (Take the time to read through each of these with each man answering out loud yes or no. If your answer is no, what do you need to confess and ask prayer for? Begin each question with, "Since I was last with you in this group ...)

    1. Have I been with a woman in any way that could be viewed as compromising?

    2. Have all my financial dealings been filled with integrity?

    3. Have I chosen to linger over sexually explicit material that I have read or viewed, or have I allowed my mind to dwell on provocative thoughts or images that have crossed the line that my God has clearly revealed to me should not be crossed?

    4. Have I spent regular and adequate time in Bible study and prayer?
      If no, then am I improving?

    5. Have I been a servant to my wife, have I nourished and cherished her, have I sought to love her as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for her?

    6. Does my calendar demonstrate that I have made myself and my family a priority and spent quantity/quality time with myself/them?

    7. Have I been faithful in exercising my responsibility in the workspace with integrity before God and man?

    8. Have I just misled, deceived or lied to you through minimization or omission?

    9. Have I been faithful in praying daily for each brother in this group by name?

  4. The Footprints of God

    1. What experiences of prayer, meditation, and/or spiritual reading have you had this week?

    2. What did God teach you about holiness of heart and life?
      What temptations did you face and how did you respond?
      What will you do different because of what you learned?

    3. Have you sensed any influence or work of the Holy Spirit this past week?
      Is there a fruit of the Spirit that God is enabling you to exercise?

        Galatians 5:22-23
        "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."
      In which of the fruits of the Spirit have you sensed an increase in the past week?

    4. What opportunities to serve others have you had this past week?
      What did God teach you as you sought to "love your neighbor as yourself?"
      Were you able to work for justice in some area?

    5. In what ways did you encounter God in your reading of the Bible this week?
      Was there a special verse that you committed to memory?
      Did you have an opportunity to share your faith with someone this week?
      If so, describe the experience.

  5. A Reminder: The Godly Man is a Man of Discipline

    1. I am committed to consistently set aside time for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reading, as well as seek to practice the presence of God.

    2. I am committed to study the Scriptures regularly and share my faith with others as God leads.

    3. I am committed to seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit, nurturing the fruit and experiencing the joy and power of the Spirit.

    4. I am committed to seek opportunities to serve others everywhere I can and will work for justice in all human relationships and social structures.

    5. By God's grace, I will strive mightily against sin, and will do deeds of love and mercy that lead to righteousness.

  6. Looking Ahead/Personal Application

    1. Have you shared with me all that God has clearly prompted you to say to me regarding something about myself or our relationship?

    2. When will we meet again?

    3. Where will we meet?

    4. When will we play together?

    5. What is one special area God wants you to work on before our next meeting?

    6. What specific exercises would you like to try?

  7. Prayer Requests and Prayer

    Please remember that what you have said here and what you have heard hear was spoken in confidence and should remain here when you leave.

    May the peace of God the Father, the love of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit be with us all this week as He is faithful to work within us both to will and to do His good work.